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Thirteen Years of Grace

Thirteen years. It’s been thirteen years since we welcomed a God blessed gift into our life. But it wasn’t an easy gift to accept. It took months to comprehend it all, and months (and perhaps years) to grasp how life-changing … Continue reading

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Grace in the Process of Divine Design

Introductory info… Christ the Incarnate was present at Creation, as was God, the Father, and God the Holy Spirit (Gen.1: 1-2, 26) We know that Christ is Creator because He is referenced as Creation’s Creator in both John 1:1-4, 10 (Christ … Continue reading

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Made to Worship

(oops… Youtube is not allowing the above video to play within the text of my blog so just click on  the message that comes up and it should take you to the video on Youtube. It is a great one … Continue reading

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