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The Wagner family at Grandfather Mountain, NC

Welcome to Grace Beyond Measure, GBM Ministry!

Living in the Charlotte, NC metro area with her husband of 16 years, Billy, and their 3 amazing and busy children, Latanya is a wife and homeschooling mom longing to follow the call of God on her life.  For this shy girl from rural Georgia stepping beyond herself and seeing that God has called her for something more than she could ever imagine is definitely a grace beyond measure.

Several years ago Latanya heeded the call to follow God in ministry by studying Counseling at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC, not knowing where that path would lead.   The path of study would lead to her meeting her husband Billy, and having the opportunity to graduate with him and settle in the Charlotte, NC area. And then to become mom to three children as well as, doing something she had no intentions of doing in the beginning of her marriage…to become a homeschooling mom.

All the while Latanya felt as though there was a greater purpose beyond what her life entailed.  There was always this nudging to take a step of faith and explore writing and speaking, put always the thoughts of not being known or that little thing that hindered her as she was growing up…that shy thing frightened her, but God never left her along.  God does that.  He nudges us to do great things beyond ourselves.  He did that with Moses and He can do that with anyone, it just takes that first step to act upon that nudging of the heart-strings, then God will workout the specifics. 

After experiencing a traumatic life changing ordeal of loosing a newborn daughter through anencephaly God nudged Latanya to share her testimony with her church.  On that day God birthed a new sense of purpose in Latanya’s life, but the feelings of not knowing where to start, along with feeling that she was incapable of doing what He was asking her, Latanya laid it all aside to raise her family.  Latanya did, a few years later take a step of faith and shared her story again with an audience in a secular setting at a training event she had set up in Charlotte for Scent-Sations, Inc., a network marketing company that she became an independent distributor for in Nov. 2005.* Latanya was amazed at the response  she received in a non-church setting, but then again let those same thoughts sideline what God had nudged her to do. 

But no more…

Today, Latanya is taking that step of faith to begin a speaking, teaching and writing ministry.  God has given her something to say and it is past time for her to share it. This is the start to only something that God can design, because it is His grace beyond measure that gives one the ability to do something far beyond what can ever be envisioned.  So let’s get started and see what God can do….

**Latanya is available to speak in the local Charlotte, NC area.  Upon special request she will consider all other areas of the Continental USA.  Please send a speaking engagement request by going to the Request page. 

BS  Architectural Engineering  ’91  (Southern Polytechnic University, Marietta, GA)
MA  Counseling Ministry  ’98 (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC)

*Latanya is no longer in official status as a Distributor…time and her calling simply do not allow her to do so any longer, other than for personal enjoyment of the products or to share with friends.


2 Responses to About Latanya

  1. theresa sheffield says:

    I have been going through some things and really confused about what my purpose is and I very much enjoyed your blog.

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