Week 8 (Overview of Genesis 7)

Welcome back! I’m so glad you are continuing with me in this study of Genesis Chapters 1-11.

This week we are going to look at Noah and his family entering the ark with a menagerie of animals, birds and creeping things.

In verse one, the LORD (Yahweh) invites Noah to come into the Ark with his household. The LORD reiterates why Noah and his family are blessed with salvation from the impending flood: the LORD has seen that Noah is a righteous man before Him in the ungodly generation, or society, in which Noah and his family live. Noah has remained faithful to God while living in an earth filled with unrighteous people. God was rewarding Noah for his faithfulness. Noah, his family and the animals were experiencing grace while those who were not allowed onto the Ark were experiencing God’s judgement due to grievous sin as recorded earlier in Chapter 6.

Doctrine taught in the account of Noah and the Flood: Salvation

Verses 2-3 Noah is given instruction on the number of pairs of both clean and unclean land animals he was to take on board the Ark. These animals Noah was saving with his family were purposed to repopulate the earth at God’s appointed time. Of the clean animals, Noah was to include seven pairs, each pair included a male and female. Both a male and a female were needed to continue the animal kinds. The unclean animals would be numbered with two pairs per kind which also included a male and his female. The birds of the air were not left out in the saved animals aboard the Ark. Noah was instructed to bring seven pairs of each bird kind, male and female, on board the Ark. In verse 3, it is notated that this preservation of pairs would include a male and a female, because it was necessary to KEEP the species ALIVEon the face of all the earth.”

God informs Noah in verse 4 of the nearness of the impending flood. The Flood would begin in seven days. The rain would fall for more than a day. Forty days and 40 nights rain would fall world-wide, not in isolated pockets. This brings up a question. Did it rain before the Flood? We simply do not have a definitive answer for that. We weren’t there, and the Bible doesn’t necessarily give us a “yes” or a “no” to that answer.

But here is what we do know:

This is the history of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens, before any plant of the field was in the earth and before any herb of the field had grown. For the Lord God had not caused it to rain on the earth, and there was no man to till the ground; but a mist went up from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground.” Genesis 2:5-6, NKJV

This grouping of Scripture verses simply tells us that rain had not fallen on the earth prior to Adam’s Creation on Day 6. Up to that point, because Scripture says so, the earth had been without rain. What it doesn’t tell us is whether or not rain had fallen after Adam’s Creation through the time leading up to the Great Deluge. Rain is not recorded as falling on all the earth until Genesis 7:4. But what we do know is mist went up from the ground and provided water for the Garden’s vegetation. Did a mist water the earth beyond the Garden, too? We can only assume so, but we cannot say with any certainty that it did or did not rain before the Flood. (Look in the “For Further Information” section below for links on this topic.)

The mention of rain did not seem to alarm Noah, because verse 5 tells us he “…did according to all the LORD commanded him.” So, it is possible rain was not a strange anomaly to him.

Noah is 600 years old at the time of his and his family’s boarding of the Ark (see verses 6 and 7). In verses 8-9, the remaining “passenger” pairs went on board the Ark. We are told both clean and unclean animals, birds, and the creeping things on the ground entered the ark in pairs; a male and a female of each kind, just as God had commanded Noah. Noah did not have to round up these animals, birds, and creeping things; he simply allowed them on board. God did the gathering; Noah was there to receive them.

Once Noah had everyone and every God-sent creature on board, the rains began (v. 10). The promised flood waters in the form of rain began to fall within the seven-day period God had promised to Noah. God kept His Word.  

In verse 11, we are given specific detail as to the day and month the flood waters began to pour down and burst upward from below to cover the earth. In Noah’s 600th year, in the second month of their calendar (possibly an ancient calendar based on 360 days) on the seventeenth day “…all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.” Don’t you just love that imagery? Can you see it? Waters bursting forth from the underground water sources, with no seemingly cessation in sight, and the windows of heaven open with gushes of rain pouring down pounding the landscape, the people, and the animals left behind. This event level had never been seen before on the earth. It was cataclysmic!

Verses 12- 16 are virtual duplicates of verses 4-10 with some detailing here and there. This is what we know: the rain fell for 40 days and 40 night, and Noah and his family (his wife, three sons, and his sons’ wives), all the animals, birds, and creeping creatures entered the Ark on the same day (v.13-16). In verse 16, we learn something new that had not been mentioned in the earlier verses of Chapter 7: “…the LORD shut him in.” God sealed them in. Noah was obedient to God, and God took care of Noah, and because of Noah’s righteousness, God protected Noah’s family, as well, from the outside elements which most likely would have seeped in and sunk the Ark. Noah trusted God to seal them inside safely from the storm. The Ark was a place of refuge.

Retrospective: How has God sealed you in as He has given His watch care over you?

In verse 17, it is reiterated how long the flood waters poured forth onto the earth; forty days’ worth of deluge impacted the earth. The water rose high above the earth and lifted the ark accordingly. Verse 18 continues to give us more detail about the flood waters. Scripture tells us that the waters prevailed, or were widespread, and “greatly increased on the earth,” moving the Ark along in its turbulent currents. The water increased to cover the whole earth including the hills and mountains. (See vv. 19, 20). The water depth, according to Scripture, was 15 cubits above the highest mountain, which is equivalent to approximately 20 feet above the highest mountain of that time. (We don’t know the highest elevation of the earth pre-flood.)

The Flood was not a local flood but a world-wide event which completely restructured the earth. Think about it. If water burst forth from the great deep (v.11), meaning below ground, that is an indicator of massive earthquakes. Earthquakes can restructure the landscape in which they occur. Plate tectonics shifted the entire land surface to what we see today due to the Flood’s turbulent effect on the earth. There is evidence all over the world of a catastrophic world-wide flood. (See: “For Further Information” for links on evidence of a world-wide flood). Just a note to add: the pre-flood geography was significantly different than post-flood geography. I don’t understand all the mechanics and such, but the world we have now was not like the pre-flood world, but those details are not specifically laid out in Scripture for us.

Verses 21-23 indicates all life on the earth died in the flood. The only ones who did not die were on the Ark. Only eight humans remained, and representations of every animal kind, bird kind, and creeping thing were saved to repopulate the earth. All the animals, bird, and creeping things we see today are the offspring of the animal, bird, reptile, and insect kinds on the Ark. All humans on the earth today are the offspring of Noah’s sons.

Verse 24 ends with a fact about the length of days water remained covering the whole earth. The flood waters prevalence lasted for 150 days or five months. That is a significant amount of water which did finally recede (Genesis 8). (To read about what happened to the water—it had to go somewhere—click on the link below which is with the question: Where did the waters go?. Also read Psalm 104. This Scripture gives us a good answer on this, also.)

As we end the overview of Chapter 7, let’s look back for a moment at a few things Scripture points to in this passage. The Doctrine of Salvation is written all over the account of the Great Flood. Noah was invited to board the Ark. God did not force Noah to board the Ark to be saved from the impending flood. Noah acted in obedience through faith that God was who He said He was. To be saved from the flood waters, Noah needed to prepare an Ark for himself, his family, and the animals. He built it believing God would send the flood waters. He believed God would save him, and those placed in Noah’s watch care. Noah also did not have to corral the animals and bring them to the Ark. God did that enormous task of gathering. Noah simply had to receive them into the safe shelter he had worked diligently to build at the LORD’s command. Noah acted as His messenger and His shepherd.

Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood are parallels to salvation.

God invites. He gathers. He encourages us to provide the shelter and the watch care. All we must do is be obedient to God’s Will to do what He asks us to do in faith. We get to participate in it, as well as, be the object of God’s Salvation through Jesus Christ, His Son.

Please make sure you come back next week for Week 9. There are only a few weeks left for Part One which covers Genesis 1-11. If you are following the videos on my Facebook page, you may have noticed I decided not to do a video for Week 7. After thinking about it, I thought it best to combine Week 7 and Week 8 into one video. I’m hoping to tape it tomorrow and have it edited for release sometime Sunday afternoon. Thank you so much for your patience in this. I’m also hoping to create a page on this blog with links to the FB videos, which I’ll setup sometime in late June/early July.


Homework assignment for next week:

Scripture reading: Genesis 8

Suggested Scripture Memorization:

Then God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the animals that were with him in the ark. And God made a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters subsided. Genesis 8:1, NKJV


1.What did God cause to pass over the earth which aided in the waters subsiding?

2.In Genesis 7:24 Scripture says that the waters prevailed over all the earth 150 days. What does Gen. 8:3 say about those same waters?

3.On what month and day, and on what location did the Ark finally come to rest? What present day country is this?

4.Did they depart from the Ark immediately after it came to a stop on the mountains of Ararat?

5.What was finally seen in the tenth month after the rains had stopped?

6.What did Noah do forty days out from that tenth month?

7.What did he release from the window? What does verse 7 say about it?

8.What else was sent out? And why?

9.Do a little research. What could have been the significance of sending out two different bird types?

10.What happened to the second bird? Is anything else said about the first bird?

11.What happened after Noah waited another seven days?

12.What did the dove bring back to Noah? What did this tell him?

13.Another seven days passed. What did Noah do with the dove?

14.What does verse 12 tell us about the dove?

15.What did Noah do in verse 13? Why did he have to check it out for himself?

16.What does verse 14 tell us about the surface of the earth?

17.Who told Noah it was time to leave the Ark?

18.What familiar phrasing did you read in verse 17 that God also told Adam?

19.What did the residents of the Ark do?

20.Noah took time to do something significant after he exited the Ark. What did he do? Why did he do this?

21. How did God react to Noah’s act of worship? What was God’s promise with Himself?


­­­­For further Information:

Did it rain before the Flood?: https://answersingenesis.org/bible-questions/did-it-rain-before-the-flood/https://answersingenesis.org/bible-questions/did-it-rain-before-the-flood/

Did the Flood cover the whole earth?:
https://christiananswers.net/q-eden/edn-c005.html  (There are also other links at the bottom of the linked article that will answer many of your other questions, so, go explore there. The questions you may have about the flood I can simply not answer completely here in the above post. Do you realize how long of a post that would be? Besides, I don’t have all the answers. I just trust God that He did what He said He did. Hint: Plate tectonics, and massive movement of the land can explain how it is possible for the water to cover the highest mountain of the time of the Flood with 20 feet of water.)

Where did the waters go?:

(Many have claimed the Great Flood never occurred, or at best, it was just a localized flood. However, there is evidence all over the world that the flood did occur. Mt. Everest, which is the earth’s tallest mountain, contains fossilized shells at its summit. Fossilized dinosaurs all over the world are a testament to the flood. There is too much evidence in recent fossilized dinosaur discoveries (DNA) that indicates these fossils are not millions of years old, but merely thousands of years old.)

Fossilized Dinosaurs with soft-tissue DNA:

Fossil graveyards:

Sedimentary rock across the world is evidence of a world-wide flood:

Got Questions has quite a bit of info on Noah’s Flood: https://www.gotquestions.org/search.php?zoom_query=Noah%27s%20Flood
(These are just suggested links. There are other sources of information available as well that are not mentioned above. I’ll work on providing a non-exhaustive Bibliography also in the coming weeks.)


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