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Teaching Thursday – The Sovereign Lord

God wants us to understand that He alone is Sovereign over all things. Unfortunately, we humans have a very hard time understanding the concept of His Sovereignty. In the book of Ezekiel, God commissioned Ezekiel to be His mouthpiece to … Continue reading

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Teaching Thursday- Delaying post to next week

Hi Readers, I had planned on getting the post up for today, but I’m still working on it. Sorry, but sometimes other priorities get placed before my writing time, and this has been one of those weeks for doing just … Continue reading

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Wednesday Wisdom – Sovereignty of God

God is in control. How do I know? His Word, the Holy Bible tells me, plus He has shown me through life experience. Here are a few Bible verses to encourage you today. Our God is in heaven and does … Continue reading

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Theology Tuesday – The Sovereignty of God

As humans can be described by their personal character tracts, so can God be defined (although in our limited understanding) by His personal characteristics. What Makes God, God? His divine attributes. Ronald Nash says: “A divine attribute is an essential … Continue reading

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Monday Musings: We Are Not In Control

We often believe we need to control our lives and wrongly believe we have control. The more we attempt to control our lives, the more we learn we do not have complete control of our lives; far from it. Probably … Continue reading

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