My She Speaks Experience: Part 6

Don’t we all fall prey to comparison and wanting what someone else has? 

We see someone who seems to have something better than us, and we want what they have. 

       A bigger ministry… 
                                     While yours is barely breathing.

                But no one knows you.

       A gentle spirit…
                                However, you say what you think.

What someone else has…always seems to be the most desirable ‘thing’ to have, especially when you don’t have ‘it’.

Sunday morning, our last day at She Speaks, Micca Campbell shared with us about envy and what it can do to us as opposed to what can happen when we allow ourselves to appreciate the gifts God has given to us.  As the old saying goes, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” We all have the tendency to want what others have, but we fail to see that God has something else in mind for us. 

I fall prey to that ‘want and envy’ mentality.  It is so easy to see what someone else has while failing to see the gifts I know I have been given.

Can I get a “Guilty”?

Envy is anything that we desire that isn’t ours.  It may be great hair, a big house, a writing contract, a perfect spouse… it can be anything and everything. 

Envy can get us into some big trouble. Agree? Envy has at its root that we want to matter to something, to someone, and to ourselves. Those ‘things’ do not give us meaning, but our meaning comes directly from the gift-giver, God.

I like how Micca pointed out that women have 3 temptations (in terms of envy) that we ALL struggle with:  compete, collect and control. We compete for things. We collect things. We control things.  It is a pattern that leads eventually to jealousy.  Jealousy is an ugly creature, creating ugly creatures that create strife. 

So what do we do to terminate envy in our lives? We stop it!

God is certainly able to help us stop living a life of envy.  It is not a pleasant place to be and creates a tendency for failure even before we try.  God wants to bless us with His gifts and He can’t when all we see is the gifts of others.  Another person’s gift isn’t ours to have, but He has gifts He has set aside for our use, so that He can be glorified through them. He hasn’t made us to be carbon copies of one another.  He has made us to be the individual He has created us to be, in order to, impact the world in a way that only He can do through the capabilities and talents He has abundantly given to us. If we spend all our time worrying about what we don’t have, we fail to see and accept what He has freely gifted us. The worry and envy leads us to miss out on His blessings.

Will you join me today by laying aside envy and jealousy?  We have to if we want Him to ever use us for His glory. 

Heavenly Father, forgive me for sinning against You through envy and jealousy.  It has no place in my life! It has created strife in my life and kept me from fully receiving Your gifts. You created me to live the life You have given me and not someone else’s.  Reveal to me the gifts and talents that You have given me.  I want to live my life according to Your Perfect Will, and not my own desires. Thank you for showing me Your gifts. Help me to serve others through those gifts so that Your name may be glorified. In Christ’s name, I pray. Amen!

* I want to thank you for following my She Speaks Experience.  I hope that God revealed some things to you as He did me.  A little shout out to those who assisted with my attendance at the conference by purchasing candles or through your gifts when I spoke at your church.  Thank you!  I have heard back from one of my book meetings and I got a “no”.  Yes, I’m disappointed, but God has His plans, and those plans do not include that particular publishing company. I haven’t heard back from the agent, yet.  So I will continue to seek, wait and to go where He leads.  I would love it if you would pray for my ministry and that doors would open for more opportunities.  Blessings to you, Latanya



About LatanyaWagner

I'm a homeschooling mom of 3. Originally from Georgia, where I grew up learning about the value of hard work while living on a farm, I now live near Charlotte, NC, working hard to raise a family who loves and honors God. I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Architectural Engineering and a Masters of Arts degree in Counseling Ministry. I'm also an aspiring writer and speaker. My first novel, 'Mending Hearts,' is available on Amazon. 'Unfailing Hearts,' my second novel, is also now available on Amazon. Sometime in the near future, I hope to have my third novel uploaded on Amazon for your reading pleasure.
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